President signs ordinance to provide death penalty for rapists

Staff, Reporter / Legal voice 24 :

President Abdul Hamid on Tuesday signed an ordinance to pave way for providing death penalty for those convicted of raping.

The new law comes into force today. The President promulgated the ordinance as Parliament is not in session to ratify the law.

Earlier, a person accused of simple rape was punished by life imprisonment as per previous law.
The government’s move has come after people burst into street protests against rape, and the Daily Sun published several special news reports and editorials, demanding the death penalty for the rapists.

The Daily Sun published a special report headlined “Rape, sexual harassment go unabated for culture of impunity” on Tuesday and editorial titled “Death penalty for rape is a must” on Thursday.

The violation of a housewife by some unruly youths at a hostel of Sylhet MC College followed by the stripping of a woman in Noakhali and videoing the scene sparked bitter criticism at home and abroad.

People from all walks of life have taken to the streets, demanding death sentence for rapists who get off scot-free through legal loopholes.

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